Our Fruity Vapes are extraordinarily satisfying with their fantastic fruit-forward aromas. Say bye to bland with these tasty treats.

Why use this format

Vapes offer a convenient, smoke-free experience in a variety of aromas and cannabinoids. This allows you to find the experience that's right for you, whether it's high THC, high CBD, or somewhere balanced in the middle. Vapes feature minimal scent and are discreet, great for enjoying on-the-go.

How to use

  • Depending on your vaping device, it may be breath activated, or activated by using a firing mechanism that you'll need to press before you inhale
  • Once you're inhaling, take small short, pulls to ensure you're starting low and going slow — this will ensure a comfortable experience where you're waiting to experience the effects
  • Remember to store your vape in a safe and secure space at room temperature, it's also best to store it upright, too