Gather Fruity Splash

Gather Fruity Splash

Savour the sunny fruit, berry and watermelon aromas of Gather Fruity Splash. This unique, high THC vape is sure to make a splash. Enjoy the glow of these aromas, best paired with a bright day.

80% THC 10% CBD
  • Fruity
  • Berry
  • Watermelon
  • Plant derived
Plant type
  • Blend


Our Fruity Vapes are extraordinarily satisfying with their fantastic fruit-forward aromas. Say bye to bland with these tasty treats.

  • Made from sungrown cannabis that's extracted and paired with plant-derived ingredients to deliver unique, smooth and pleasant aromas
  • These vapes are discreet, convenient, and a bright way to discover a more personalized experience
  • Enjoy a brilliant cannabis format that fits in your pocket