Luxuriously rich, hydrating body creams that provide effortless ‘ahhhh’ with 500mg of cannabinoids per jar. (That’s a lot.)

Why use this format

Solei Topicals are luxuriously rich and hydrating. They contain 500mg of cannabinoids per jar in various cannabinoid ratios. If you're looking for an indulgent moisturizer with pleasant, popular scents that will give your day a kiss of sunshine, you've found the body cream for you.

How to use

  • After selecting the body cream that's right for you based on the ratio of CBD to THC, Solei Topicals can be applied just like your favourite body cream
  • Carefully open the jar and apply generously to any area requiring a rich and creamy cannabinoid-infused body cream
  • Ensure the product is well worked into the skin, reapply the lid, and store safely and securely at room temperature