Savour flavour and treat your senses with our sungrown cannabis flower.
Perfect for brighter moments.

Why use this format

The classics never go out of style for good reason. Dried cannabis flower offers the full effects of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids — all of which combine to provide the psychoactive effects that cannabis users enjoy. Fragrant, flavourful and enjoyed alone or with friends. What's not to love? Enjoy our sungrown cannabis for brighter moments.

How to use

  • Coarsely grind enough flower to pack a dry herb vaporizer, a pipe or the bowl of a bong, or roll it in a rolling paper (if you've got the rolling skills)
  • If you're not using a dry herb vaporizer: spark a lighter, or strike a match, and gently inhale until the flower catches, removing the flame once sufficiently lit
  • Gently inhale remembering to start low and go slow -- waiting to feel the effects