Cannabis 101
How to Use Edibles

In Canada, we should be seeing cannabis edibles on the market in fall 2019, ushering in an exciting new lineup of cannabis products that could be ideal for those who want to refrain from smoking or vaping.

What every edible fan realizes early on is the oft-repeated rule of “Start low, go slow.” That means trying a chunk of an edible – as opposed to an entire brownie – and recognizing how long the psychoactive effects may take. You could start to feel the THC or CBD at around the one-hour mark after ingesting, or it could take as long as two hours.

Being high on edibles is a different feeling than smoking or vaping cannabis. Some people enjoy the longer buzz edibles offer, while others prefer how edibles give them a deeper body high than a headier high.

Thanks to the creativity of many edibles chefs, the goodies come in all shapes and sizes, not just the typical brownie or cookie. Candies, chocolates, honey, hot sauces, olive oil and teas and coffees can all be made with infused cannabis.

Some tips on enjoying edibles to their fullest potential include: read the dosing guidelines on edibles products carefully so you aren’t overstepping any guidelines that can have you feeling sick; identify your tolerance levels early so you’ll know if a certain edible may be too high or low in THC; while candies and chocolate get a large share of public attention, you can also try healthier snacks like granola and olive oil-topped pasta; be somewhere comfortable – and ideally with a friend - during your first few edibles experiences in case your body reacts negatively to what you consume; and there is some anecdotal evidence that dosing on edibles with a full stomach can delay the product’s effects more than if you ate them on an empty stomach.

Finally, as tempting as it might be to just buy edibles, if you’re comfortable in the kitchen you should try making edibles of your own! You can check out our recipes, browse through dozens of edibles-recipes books, and search online to help start your journey as a cannabis chef.