Cannabis 101
How to Use a Vaporizer

One of the cleanest ways to consume cannabis is by using a vaporizer. These devices, which range from desktop to portable models, heat the cannabis at a lower temperature than an open flame, like when you’d smoke a cannabis joint. Vaporizers let users inhale cannabis in vapor form, rather than smoke, and this process also avoids combustion of the product, which reduces the presence of potentially harmful chemicals that may be contained in cannabis smoke.

Using a vape is quite easy (especially for those intimidated by joint-rolling). You’ll want to first break up the bud into fragments so you can pack the bowl or heating chamber of the vaporizer effectively. You likely won’t need more than half-a-gram of cannabis per use.

Place that bud into that area which will heat the cannabis and secure the top tightly. Set the temperature on the vaporizer using the buttons on the front or side of the unit. Most automatic devices light up a certain colour to indicate that they are ready to be used (for example, some handheld vaporizer light their base to “green” after cycling through other colours during the heating process).

If you want a tip on the ideal temperature for your vaporizer, we suggest anywhere between 180°C and 210°C.

Inhaling through the mouthpiece is your next step, but you don’t need to haul as hard as you may on a joint. A slow, soft inhale is all that’s necessary. When you exhale you should see a hazy cloud of vapor and taste it on your tongue.

After a few drags, the device’s temperature may drop and will likely require reheating. If you notice less vapour or flavour emitting from the chamber, you can empty it and add more cannabis.

Note that the vaporized cannabis will look different than smoked cannabis. In a way, it looks drained of its “green-ness” and won’t resemble the ash of a smoked joint.

Both desktop and portable vaporizers require frequent cleaning, which is as simple as emptying the chamber regularly and ensuring the pathways and airflow are clear. For grimier jobs, you might need pipe cleaners and rubbing alcohol. It’s best, though, to read your vaporizer’s instruction manual on the best ways to clean and preserve your vape.