Unwind and Discover a New Moment with Solei Unplug Vapes

Whether you’re working from home or just seeing too much of it lately, it’s important to loosen up. Unplug is for when the wound up are winding down.

With that in mind, we created Unplug Vapes. Carefully curated to help you find prime me-time and appreciate every last bit of it.


Unplug Vapes are a high THC to CBD choice (7:1 THC:CBD) and will be your new favourite way to slow down after a long day. These 100% plant-based vapes have a smooth, slightly floral aroma with hints of vanilla derived from botanical terpenes. Well-suited for a low energy moment.


It’s harder than ever to separate me time from we time, so let us shine some light on a few different tips to unwind. As always though, remember to start low and go slow, enjoy responsibly and never drive high.

After-Work Destress Ritual
Let’s face it, stress is a part of life. Creating an after-work ritual can help diffuse stress, process your thoughts and get your mind back into a good space.

First step, Unplug and check in on how you’re feeling. Recognize your emotions and make sure to breathe. Slow, smooth and under control. It can help to record how these little unwind sessions make you feel too, and notice improvement over the course of your journey.

Focus on expressing gratitude, compassion and good vibes. This takes work, but it will help you reframe negativity and appreciate yourself and those around you.
Relax by the Fireplace (or Candlelight)
Visualize the perfect calming night. We’d bet that there was a fireplace or candles somewhere in that ideal mental picture. Consider adding a moment to unplug from now on, too.

There’s something inherently calm, chill and cozy about a fire. Unplug can be a great complement to helping you find your chill zone.
Treat Yourself to Hot Chocolate
Everyone deserves a little indulgence and sometimes the usual suspects (we’re looking at you, coffee and tea) just don’t quite hit the spot. Enter real, homemade hot chocolate. Silky smooth cocoa and luscious milk (or any alternative milk your heart desires), perfectly incorporated into a warm and satisfying treat.

Now do we have your attention? Good.

All you need is 500 ml milk (or alternative milk), 4 oz of bittersweet chopped chocolate and 2 tbsp of sugar. Heat the milk (do not boil) and add stir in the sugar. Then microwave your chopped chocolate in 30 seconds intervals until it is melted and slowly whisk it into the heated milk. Let it cool to your desired temperature. Simple and oh so good.

There are many brilliant ways to Unplug, remember to share yours with loved ones!