Find Your Harmonious Moment with Solei Balance Vapes

Spring is here and we’re craving the sunlight. While balance may be hard to come by lately, everyone can appreciate the need for a focused and productive moment.

With that in mind, we created Balance Vapes. Simple and functional, making it easy to find a harmonious moment. Balance Vapes have equal amounts of THC and CBD, ideal for when you are focused and productive.


Balance Vapes are THC and CBD in harmony (1:1 THC:CBD) and pair perfectly with a calm day. These 100% plant-based vapes feature a bright balance of sweet and tart aromas derived from botanical terpenes. Well-suited for a medium energy moment, day or night.


We’ve put together some low-key suggestions to help you find a harmonious moment with Balance. As always though, remember to start low and go slow, enjoy responsibly and never drive high.

Nothing like staying indoors and being low-key, right? Balance is great for that. Finding your own little slice of harmony at home while decluttering. Nothing major – just tidying up. Check on the plants, let a little light in and make sure everything is neat. This can help you feel relaxed and keep you motivated to move on to your next project.
A change of scenery may be much needed right now. Whether you want to break out the pantry or start a new plant family, it’s easy to DIY a brand-new look. Does your inner interior designer have an aesthetic in mind? Consider supporting local artists and businesses if you’re able, they can help you concentrate on getting it just right.
Pillow Fort
Embrace your youth and focus on creating the perfect relaxation station. The directions are easy: 1) drape a sheet over a couch and two sturdy chairs, 2) fill it with every cushion and pillow available! Bring flashlights, lamps, even Christmas lights – the mood isn’t going to set itself. Once optimal ambience is achieved, enjoy. Oh, don’t forget the snacks.

Remember to take time to be positive and appreciate your home and yourself.