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How to Store Cannabis Safely

A common concern many cannabis consumers may be curious about is storing their product safely. Not only should you want to ensure your cannabis products are far from a child’s prying curiosity, but you want to preserve the product’s integrity.

Placing cannabis in child-resistant packaging is central to Solei’s design for all cannabis products. Child-resistant packages make it difficult for kids to open the bags or canisters to access the cannabis product.

Even though the packaging is secure, it’s recommended to store cannabis in an area of the home where children can’t access, such as locked cabinets or high shelves. Ensure the product isn’t visible to wandering – and wondering – children interested in checking out mommy’s medicine.

If a child does access the cannabis somehow, eating dried bud won’t have much of an effect on the child, since the psychoactive properties of cannabis are only activated through heating.

Preserving cannabis in a cool dry place is the best option for keeping the product lasting a long time. Keep it out of direct sunlight or in humid areas of the home.

When the cannabis is out of the package, whatever is left should be returned to the Solei packaging immediately. After all, dried bud can easily fall into carpeting and in between couch cushions. Placing leftover cannabis back into the original package guarantees you won’t lose a speck of bud.

If you purchase Solei’s pre-roll joints, those products are often freshest within a week of receiving them. Also, ensure they don’t come into contact with liquids, even water, because a soggy joint is no fun.