Discover a New Kind of Social with Solei Gather Vapes

It should be easy for everyone to connect and choose the cannabis product for the occasion. Carefully curated with this in mind, we formulated Gather Vapes.


Gather Vapes are for the (video) host with the most and feature a high THC to CBD ratio (7:1 THC:CBD). These 100% plant-based vapes feature an invigorating sweet, fresh and slightly tangy aroma derived from botanical terpenes. Recommended for a high energy moment, day or night.

The digital get-together just got a whole lot better. Even if you have to shelter in place, these party pointers will help connect you in cyberspace.


Already in your comfort zone but still need to shake things up? Keep the housecoat on and check out the fun ideas below on how to Gather without going anywhere. As always though, remember to start low and go slow, enjoy responsibly and never drive high.

Digital Karaoke
Go acapella, find the instrumental, or sing along to the tune. Last person that joined sings first. All improvised mics are accepted, just remember to share the limelight. The best digital duet and somehow synchronized dance partners get extra points.
Who Wore It and Why
You may have to ditch the housecoat, but let’s see what’s in those closets. Whether you dress to impress or show off the latest in tracksuit fashion, put it all out there. Makeshift Halloween costumes, most pairs of sunglasses worn at once, or the coolest toque – make it yours. Extra points for the best cowboy hat.
Dance Off
There’s always time for fun and games – but sometimes you need a vibe check. Drop the tunes, prop up the phones and let the rhythm move you. Share how you’re feeling and connect through dance moves. Loss of all points for doing the worm though.

Remember to stay positive, gather with loved ones and tell them how much they mean to you.