Cannabis 101
Bright Ideas for Gathering Sustainably

We love to gather with friends and family. Coming together to enjoy good company and create lasting memories. It’s why we created Solei Gather; a cannabis that can be enjoyed with those you care about.

We also believe in doing even small things to make those same gatherings be more sustainable.

How do you throw a more sustainable gathering? There are actually lots of ways!


We’re not suggesting you don’t decorate your space, but use things you have on hand, or that are naturally available.

Try and avoid anything that has a single use. Cloth table clothes instead of plastic. Cloth napkins instead of paper. And always use real glasses and plates, not only does it save on landfill, nobody likes to enjoy a great glass out wine out of plastic.

Decorate with twigs and local flowers instead of balloons. Make signs and banners, don’t buy them – they look better and will show your guests you put in a little extra effort.


Disconnect your gathering from technology where you can.

Try and use natural light or candle light.

Supplement your online playlist by inviting that friend who knows how to play the guitar. Sing the hits together instead of just listening.


Think about ingredients that requires little or no cooking. Not only does raw food use little to no power to prepare, it’s exceptionally fresh and delicious.

Serve locally sourced foods from nearby farmers and growers. Pay special attention to producers who grow and distribute it in a sustainably conscious way. Focusing on purchasing fresh, seasonal vegetables is a great way to be mindful of your consumption, too.

Check out our collection of cannabis-infused recipes that use our sustainable and sungrown cannabis here if you’re looking for some inspiration.


When it’s finally time to clean up, a moment with Gather may just be the right motivation to get your gathering of guests to help. And it can also be a time when you can act sustainably.

Every gathering will result in some waste, but with some consideration it can be limited. Make sure you compost where you can. And if you have extra food left over, send your guests home with it.

When you think about it a bit, a few simple changes can make your next gathering more sustainable. And, chances are, it may be one of the most memorable moments you and your friends will experience.