Cannabis 101
The Power of Sunlight: Sustainable and Sungrown Cannabis

Every day is Earth Day at our sunny greenhouses in Leamington, Ontario. This is where our best practices in growing cannabis, along with our deeply-rooted sustainability principles, have evolved from day one.

We’re passionate about producing sustainable, quality cannabis, which is why we’ve studied each of the 509 steps in our growing process with a focus on improving our carbon footprint. Discover some of the ways we are already working to minimize our footprint.

Sustainable and Sungrown

We’re committed to sustainable practices that help us grow high-quality cannabis by harnessing natural sunlight, eco-friendly technologies and energy efficient practices.

We’re all about bright solutions like using the sun, along with proprietary growing techniques and technologies to create quality cannabis.

Greenhouse grows are naturally efficient, allowing us to use less energy. We also use LED lights in our greenhouses, which are more energy efficient and don’t create excess heat, in order to further reduce energy consumption.

These initiatives help keep our annual energy consumption to less than that of a traditional, indoor growing operation.

At our sunny greenhouses in Leamington, Ontario, we use water to power both our heating and cooling technologies. Our automated systems ensure our water only runs when needed, helping to reduce water usage.

We even collect back the water and clean it using pasteurization so that it can be reused. These processes, along with using storage tanks to save water for use during non-peak hours.

Discover the greenhouse advantage, which allows plants to thrive with exposure to the full spectrum of natural light, resulting in a low carbon footprint.

Our greenhouse is controlled by the reliable and futuristic Priva System, which monitors every aspect of the atmosphere in the greenhouse to ensure optimal growing conditions.

Floor heating and strategically placed grow bars also help to reduce our energy use as heat is directly focused on the plants, eliminating unnecessary heat dispersal throughout the greenhouse. We also recycle waste carbon dioxide (CO2) as part of our growing process to ensure the highest rate of energy efficiency.

Sustainability At Heart

Quality: Quality for us doesn’t stop at our high-quality product – it’s about something greater. Quality of life matters to us, and we believe that starts with how we treat the planet.

Transparency: We not only want to keep our customers informed; we want to be an open book. That’s why we aim to be transparent about our growing practices, and places we can improve – we’re currently working on evolving to more sustainable packaging solutions.

Accountability: It’s our ongoing accountability to provide a high-quality product. But we know we are also accountable for our impact on the planet we call home.

Next time you choose Solei, you can be sure that you too are making a bright and responsible choice.